Zemach Marketing
of Fresh Produce

Zemach Avocado Ltd

Zemach is based in the Jordan Valley and is part of the Zemach Regional Industries, a co-operative owned by the Jordan Valley Kibbutz farmers.

Zemach packs approximately 7,500 tons of mango and approximately 8,000 tons of avocado every year.
In addition, it packs 2,000 tons of sweet corn that is marketed to the local market with the possibility also for export. Currently Zemach pack 3,000 tons of red grapefruits which is advantageously ready for harvest early in the season. Zemach also pack the citrus variety Or, Lemons and Oranges.

Zemach is accredited with ISO 9002, BRC, GlobalGap & Tesco’s Nurture and Marks & Spencer’s Field to Fork in the packing house and GlobalGap & Tesco’s Nurture, Marks & Spencer’s Field to Fork in the orchards.

Regular weekly meetings are conducted with the growers providing transfer of technical and professional instruction, including the harvesting programme that is prepared according to accurate assessment by their professional expert according to the precise ripeness of the fruit for the market. Instruction and support is provided by the Quality Control team to the grower providing assistance for adhering to the Globalgap, Tesco Nuture and Field to Fork standards.
The grower is able to follow the packing details via an internet site which includes quality reports and payment details.

Zemach has committed itself to minimizing pesticide usage by using the most modern methods of “friendly to the environment products”. A pesticide expert regularly visits the orchards checking the health of the trees. The growers use fly traps for the control of the Mediterranean fruit fly.
For the past 10 years Zemach farmers have been using the fly traps

The work forces at Zemach Avocado originate from the nearby kibbutzim, Arab villages, non-Arab villages & local towns. Transport or refunded bus/car expenses is provided for the workers.
The work force consists of managerial staff, crew of permanent maintenance workers and seasonal factory workers.

The seasonal workers are employed from approximately April until March with an increase of workers at peak harvesting during the summer months.
Zemach enforces a non-discrimination policy for its work force.
Many of the seasonal workers return to Zemach annually.

New workers are trained before commencing work and permanent staffs receive training in Safety First, Work Safety, Fire Instruction and using equipment for working at heights. Fork lift drivers are given refresher courses annually.

Zemach Avocado Annual marketing

tons of mango
tons of avocado
tons of sweet corn
tons of red grapefruits